Vineyard Plant

The cultivation of the vine, as in the best Tuscan tradition, is an important economic resource for the farm. Just think that in the past, all the fields were surrounded by rows of vines. In the farm there was a vineyard, planted in the 70s, now reached its physiological end. Trenching work began in 2005 to set up the current vineyard. Here are described the works that have been done, from the leveling of the soil to the planting vine seedlings.

Leveling the field

This work is very important to smooth the field. The longitudinal slope and the croosfall are very dangerus: the first one beause rain can erode the soil while the second one is very dangerous for the tractor that can turn over.

Trenching and screening

These two works are very important for the stucture of the soil. The bulldozer moves the earth up and down for levelling it, but this work makes the soil too hard. Then the ripper crashes the soil 1,5 metres deep (this work is calledtrencing the soil) and the escavator by its rab makes the soil soft taking away the stones (this work is called screening). Now the soil is ready for planting the vines

Machine planting and planting stakes

After the grapes installation (one year) it is necessary to plant the stakes in the rows of grapes


The wires are attached at the stakes and the rows (filare) are complete. Now the grapes have everything to grow and produce