Hello, I introduce myself: my name is Vanni and together with my wife Diletta and my mother Maria I run this farm. The farm “Pilari” is located in the Val di Pierle, a small valley next to lake Trasimeno it has a total area of 48 hectares, mostly forest, a part of arable land and a vineyard of 2 hectares.

Until the early nineties my grandfather took a part of arable land for the production of tobacco since this area was very well suited to this type of cultivation and history on its production is lost in the mists of time. I’m actually collecting the material in this regard and I hope in the shortest possible time they can devote pages to its history since it was the most important crop of our Valley and the entire Upper Tevere Valley

The vineyard is a very important part of our farm because it was created by our will and desire to produce our wine.

The main house (called Pilari), located in the complex of houses in the heart of the farm (where we live), stands on an ancient watch tower of Pierle castle and is present in old maps dating back to 1200. It shall be authentic the chiseled cellars mostly in the rock.