Our wine Ranchi

This wine is the result of a dream realized with the support of our friends. Special thanks to each of them

… and this is his story:

Initially we sold grapes and with a small part, which we kept for ourselves, we had fun, together with our friends, to make wine in the old cellar of my grandparents. During the summer, having the farmhouse near our house, we usually spend time with our customers, and it happened to let them taste our wine. Many were enthusiastic about it and then the idea of ​​making our own bottle became more real. We started thinking about the label, getting informed about the bottling and everything necessary for the realization of our project. For the choice of the name, after thinking about it for a long time, we concentrated on the toponymy and the history of the valley to find a name that was an expression of its territory.

The fields located on the high hills are called, by the locals, ranchi. So, since the vineyard is located in one of these fields, we thought of giving this name to our wine.

The label was a very fun and creative part, and even in this phase the advice of people who love us was fundamental.

Wine features

Ranchi wine is obtained from a blend of Teroldego, mainly, and Sangiovese. Teroldego, a vine originating in Trentino, was chosen by us for its particular characteristics and because it has an early collect.

The color is deep red with ruby reflections.

The scent is enveloping and the taste is decisive and rich.

In the intensity of color and flavor there is our whole history, the passion and constancy that led us to make this wine.

The vintages


it is our first bottle, a wine with an intense color and taste with an alcohol content of 14 °



It is ending the maturing in barrels of small size. It will be bottled in spring 2020



still in full maturation and refinement phase, bottling is expected towards the end of 2020

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