A stay at our farm is ideal for those who want to relax and simply enjoy the peace that only a place in the countryside can bring. Since our farm sits, almost literally, on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, we can also offer the opportunity of day trips to towns and villages in both regions.

For those who love walking in the woods there are trails leading to various places of interest like, for example, Pierle Castle or indeed our own vineyard. These trails are of varying difficulty to suit a range of abilities and ambitions. Opportunities to just have fun are also plentiful ranging from local festivals and traditional events to a wealth of local cuisine to be sampled.

Events and Festivals.

Our immediate area has many festivals and events of cultural and gastronomic interest to enrich your vacation with new experiences and flavours. During your stay we will update you regarding these events. These festivals, while offering both local and speciality dishes, are often enriched by complimentary events including music, theatre, sports and other aspects of local culture.