Trekking Paths

From the village of Lisciano, about 2 km from our farm, there are three trekking paths (described below) of varying difficulty, which run one side of the Val di Pierle.


PATH 1-2
From Lisciano Niccone to Belvedere place. The path is 2.428 mt. long, slope 25%, time 90 minutes.

PATH 2-3 (black line i the map)
From Belvedere place to Corgna place. The path is 1.434 mt. long, slope 15%, time 40 minutes..

PATH 2-4
From Belvedere place to Monte Castiglione park. The path is 2.535 mt. long, slope 25%, time 90 minutes.

The overall lenght of the paths is about 6,5 Km. Along the paths there are some garden seats. Parking is allowed in Lisciano Niccone and near Monte Castiglione Park. This park has a wonderful view on Trasimeno lake, it’s composed of a pine wood of 80000square metres with picnic places and w.c.