The Vineyeard

The vineyard is a very important part of our farm, born from a dream of mine and our passion for good wine.
The main grape is Teroldego, typical of northern Italy, chosen for its color, unique scent and also for its early maturation, This feature is important because it allows us to harvest by the end of September, when the weather is still pleasant and grapes retains all the benefits of the summer sun. A small part of the vineyard is dedicated to Sangiovese, typical and famous grape variety of the Tuscan countryside.
During the winter I take care of the pruning and tillage. From spring and all summer, with the help of my wife Diletta, we take care to tie the branches and cut them when they are too long (topping).
If the season is particularly generous to improve the highest quality of grapes, the worst or too small grapes are removed,
so all the substances are concentrated in the best grapes raising the quality level of the wine which will be.

In the month of September / October we collect grapes.

Often we accompany our guests to visit our vineyard to show the work we do but also to admire the landscape.

All our guests can taste our wine that we produce with passion.


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