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The Farm

Hi, my name is Vanni and with my wife Diletta and my mother Maria manage this agriturismo. The farm "Pilari" is situated in a little valley, Val di Pierle (Pierle valley), near Trasimeno lake and it is  about 118 acres (48 hectares) large and this area is divided into these growing: Maize, Sunflowers, Wheat, an olive grove, a vineyard and wood.

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Since a few years ago we also produced Tobacco for cigarettes and this plant is very important for the valley economy. Tobacco has been grown for a long time and it's become a part of the history of the valley. I'm looking for some historical and technical information about Tobacco and I hope to do soon a web page dedicated to this plant.

The most important products that we produce are: red wine and olive oil that you can taste in our azienda.


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